New design for Ken Follett's epic Cathedral saga.
Ink on paper for Ordfront, 2015.
Anglophilia in a book cover, for Ordfront.
Forthcoming cover for Tranan. Illustration on cover made of cut outs from the designer's archive.
Forthcoming book for Albert Bonniers Förlag.
The epic handwriting of Helga Henschen revived on the cover of her biography.
Bespoke lettering and illustration for Ordfront.
Feel bad – feel good.
Steam punk-ish cover for Albert Bonniers Förlag.
Gareth Hague's Noah font, painting by Karin Bros.
New Paperback design of Siri Hustvedt's books. For Norstedts 2019.
Book cover design, custom typography and illustration for Swedish publishing houses Albert Bonniers Förlag, Bonnier Fakta, Bonnierpocket, Forum, Månpocket, Lind & Co, Norstedts, North Chapter, Ordfront, Polaris, Tranan and Wahlström & Widstrand.
J.R.R. Tolkien in a new suit by the artist Johan Egerkrans, for Norstedts, 2019.
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